CPC Circular Plastic Connectors


Connectors are UL recognized and designed for uses such as Boats, Aircraft, Automotive, Instrumentation,Computer/Peripheral Equipment and many other uses. All plastic, lightweight with high performance characteristics. Advanced features include: built-in pin and socket protection; thread assist coupling with positive detent locking; 5 key polarizaton to provide proper connection mating. Connectors are available in 4, 9, 16, 24 and 37 pin configurations for panel mountings or for free mounting aplications.


Free Hanging Plug (contacts included)

Plug mates with the panel mount or free hanging socket assemblies. Each plug is furnished with female crimp type sockets that accepts 22-18 AWG and 18-16 AWG. Accepts cable clamp to protect wire harness assembly.

Free Hanging Plug

Part #

No. Of

FHP 4 4
FHP 9 9
FHP 16 16
FHP 24 24
FHP 37 37
Panel Mount Socket (contacts included)

Panel or chassis mount circular plastic connectors are ideal for permanent installations. When mated, contacts are completely enclosed to reduced shorts and shocks. Require a through the panel access hole. Maximum panel thickness is limited to 1/8. Each socket furnished with crimp type pins that accepts 22-18 AWG and 18-16 AWG.  Accepts cable wire if required.

Panel Mount Socket

Part #
No Of
PMS 4 4
PMS 9 9
PMS 16 16
PMS 24 24
PMS37 37
Free Hanging Socket (contacts included)

Where equipment requires removal or repositioning , free hanging circular plastic connector should be used. Made of high impact materials to withstand the shock. Contacts are enclosed to prevent damage when not connected. Each socket is furnished with male crimp type pins that accepts 22-18 AWG and 18-16 AWG.  Accepts cable clamp to protect wire harness assembly.

Free Hanging Socket

Part #
No Of
FHS 4 4
FHS 9 9
FHS 16 16
FHS 24 24
FHS 37 37
Crimp contacts

Crimp type pin and socket contacts requires the use of a crimp tool that will accept any wire size from 22 to 18 AWG and 16 AWG.

Part # Description



B5200 Socket contact (Crimp) 22-18 25
B5201 Socket contact (Crimp) 22-18 100
B5205 Pin contact (Crimp) 22-18 25
B5206 Pin contact (Crimp) 22-18 100
B5209 Socket contact (Crimp) 18-16 25
B5210 Socket contact (Crimp) 18-16 100
B5213 Pin contact (Crimp) 18-16 25
B5214 Pin contact (Crimp) 18-16 100

Crimp contacts

Cable Clamps

Cable clamps prevent excessive strain on cable or wire. Should be applied wherever free hanging or panel mount connectors require mechanical and electrical protection and integrity of the circuit.

Cable Clamps
Part # Mates with
CC 4 4 PIN
CC 9 9 PIN
CC 16 16 PIN
CC 24 24 or 37


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