Philips PAN Head Metric Machine Screws
Philips PAN Head Screws
Metric Hex Nuts
Metric Flat Washers
Metric Lock Washers

Conversion from/to metric and imperial and US measurement systems

Philips PAN Head Metric Machine Screws

Zinc Plated Carbon Steel

MMS-600HC 1.6mm x 3mm
MMS-601HC 2mm x 3mm
MMS-602HC 2mm x 5mm
MMS-603HC 2mm x 8mm
MMS-604HC 2mm x 10mm
MMS-605HC 2mm x 14mm
MMS-606HC 2mm x 20mm
MMS-607HC 2.6mm x 3mm
MMS-608HC 2.6mm x 5mm
MMS-609HC 2.6mm x 8mm
MMS-610HC 2.6mm x 10mm
MMS-611HC 2.6mm x 12mm
MMS-612HC 2.6mm x 16mm
MMS-613HC 3mm x 4mm
MMS-614HC 3mm x 6mm
MMS-615HC 3mm x 8mm
MMS-616HC 3mm x 12mm
MMS-617HC 3mm x 14mm
MMS-618HC 3mm x 20mm
MMS-619HC 4mm x 4mm
MMS-620HC 4mm x 6mm
MMS-621HC 4mm x 8mm
MMS-622HC 4mm x 10mm
MMS-623HC 4mm x 14mm
MMS-624HC 4mm x 20mm
MMS-625HC 5mm x 8mm
MMS-626HC 5mm x 14mm
MMS-627HC 5mm x 20mm

Philips PAN Head Screew
Philips PAN Head Metric Machine Screws

Black Zinc Plated Carbon Steel

BMS-700HC 2mm x 8mm
BMS-701HC 2mm x 10mm
BMS-702HC 2mm x 14mm
BMS-703HC 2mm x 20mm
BMS-704HC 2.6mm x 8mm
BMS-705HC 2.6mm x 10mm
BMS-706HC 2.6mm x 12mm
BMS-707HC 2.6mm x 16mm
BMS-708HC 3mm x 8mm
BMS-709HC 3mm x 12mm
BMS-710HC 3mm x 14mm
BMS-711HC 3mm x 20mm
BMS-712HC 4mm x 8mm
BMS-713HC 4mm x 14mm
BMS-714HC 4mm x 20mm
BMS-715HC 5mm x 8mm
BMS-716HC 5mm x 14mm
BMS-717HC 5mm x 20mm

Metric Hex Nuts

Zinc Plated Carbon Steel



Metric Flat Washers

Zinc Plated Carbon Steel

WSH-100HC 2.2mm x 5mm x 0.3mm
WSH-101HC 2.8mm x 7mm x 0.5mm
WSH-102HC 3.2mm x 77mm x 0.5mm
WSH-103HC 4.3mm x 9mm x 0.8mm
WSH-104HC 5.3mm x 10mm x 1.0mm

Metric Lock Washers

Hardened Strain Relieved Spring Steel

LKW-100HC 2.1mm x 4.4mm x 0.5mm
LKW-101HC 2.7mm x 5.2mm x 0.6mm
LKW-102HC 3.1mm x 6.2mm x 0.8mm
LKW-103HC 4.1mm x 7.6mm x 0.9mm
LKW-104HC 5.1mm x 9.2mm x 1.12mm

Flat Washer Lock Washer


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